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Guided Walking Art Tours

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Tour Summary

We offer free, guided Walking Art Tours from May through October. The tour group will meet at a pre-determined location and the tour leader will take you on a walk past examples of the beautiful, quirky public art on display in Covington and Newport, KY. You'll hear stories about the art and artists and discover interesting details and new pieces you might not have seen before.


Please consult the tour list below, then reserve your spot. We can't wait to show you some amazing things!

We also offer customized guided walking art tours for a modest, tax deductible fee. Click here for more details. 

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Fri. August 19 at 7pm

Art & Ice Cream Art Walk

Grab a cone and stroll through Covington’s MainStrasse Village, discovering art and so much more along the way.


Choose from 100’s of soft-serve flavors and take your ice cream along as we explore charming MainStrasse Village. We’ll walk about ¾ of a mile past clever art and interesting shops, restaurants and bars. We’ll end at Goebel Park for a quick history lesson and some behind-the-scenes photos of the Glockenspiel, which is currently under repair.

The tour is free; you pay for your ice cream. The tour will take place rain or shine.

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Sat. August 20 at 4pm

Frosty Roebling Art Walk

Take a pleasant Roebling-themed stroll among the art in Covington, finishing with a cool down at Frosthaus.


Meet the group at Roebling Point Books and Coffee (and grab a latte for the ¾-mile walk). Next, you’ll be introduced to John Roebling (or at least his statue) and learn about his bridge. You will also spot him as we walk by the stunning murals on the floodwall.  We’ll see more of the Covington’s art and architecture on the way back to the Roebling Point neighborhood, ending at Frosthaus for a boozy (or non-boozy) frozen drink.

The tour is free; you pay for your beverages.

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Thurs. September 8 at 7pm

Riverfront Art Walk

Enjoy a 1-mile stroll through the historic Licking Riverside neighborhood, learning more about the interesting statues and beautiful murals along the Ohio and Licking Rivers.


Meet the group in front of RiverCenter Towers. We’ll walk past stately 1800’s homes near the confluence of the Licking and Ohio Rivers. There you’ll be introduced to 7 statues of historic figures with intriguing life stories. As we walk underneath the Roebling Bridge, you’ll learn about its construction. The tour finishes with the 18 stunning murals along the floodwall, while your guide shares interesting facts about each one.

The tour is free and will take place rain or shine.

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Thurs. September 22 at 6pm

Sweet & Spicy Art Walk

Enjoy a flavorful guided tour of downtown Covington’s murals, mosaics and more.


The tour starts at Golden Gelato, where you can order one of their creamy, tasty treats. Bring it with you as we take a half-mile walk around the neighborhood. When you finish your gelato, you can munch on spicy or sweet pretzels from Yankee Doodle Deli, while your guide shares the backstories of the architecture and artwork you’ll see and points out details you may not have noticed. The tour ends at Rich’s Proper Food and Drink for their spicy Squad Goals cocktail, which features tequila and chili liqueur (or get whatever drink you would like).

The tour and pretzels are free; you pay for your gelato and drink.

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October dates to be announced

Spooky Secrets Tour

Experience a close encounter with some of the spookiest secrets in NKY. This 2-mile walking tour will chill you to the bone!


On this 2-mile walking tour, you'll discover "spirited" spots in historic Covington, hear about ghostly visitations, and learn some of the city's more gruesome history. Since we don't yet have the dates finalized, you can use the button above to sign up for our NKY ArtQuest emails that are sent on Thursdays. We share upcoming arts-related events in NKY and will definitely announce the Spooky Secrets tours. Thank you!

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